Anything Goes

This production won the 2003 Critics’ Circle Theatre Award for 'Best Musical' and the 2003 Olivier Award for 'Outstanding Musical Production'.

    Showbiz Heaven - Daily Telegraph

    ...The original story by P.G. Wodehouse and Guy Bolton has had two rewrites, and Trevor Nunn's buoyant production - you'd have to be a hard-hearted Scrooge not to have a good time - uses them both... Reno was written for Ethel Merman... Trevor Nutin's production has Sally Ann Triplett as Reno, a good gal with a fine personality. But she ain't no Merman... To fill the National's vast Olivier stage, we have big amplified sound, big cheesy grins, and big tap dance sequences. I am no slouch at being a grouch but I still had a great time, and so will you...

    The Daily Mail

    ...Nunn pitches the material with just the right degree of potty pizzazz in a production powered by a spot-on cast who all have the crisp comic outlines of a cartoon... Sally Ann Triplett is sensational as Reno Sweeney, the tough-broad evangelist siren, belting her lungs out with a brassy wit and verve and displaying a gift for physical clowning that gives velocity and variety to those clever but dramatically static songs... To adapt one of the lyrics, Nunn's production is de-licious, de-lightful, de-lovely – and de-finitive.

    The Independent