Ring Around the Moon

Ring Around the Moon is an enchanting comedy of mistaken identity, manners and mannerisms and affairs of the heart. Witty, charming and madcap, the play is set at a glamorous society dance in 1950s France and played out under the dazzling lights of a winter garden. Identical twins, Hugo and Frederic, could not be more different; Hugo appears heartless and aloof whilst his brother is thoughtful and diffident. As Hugo prepares an evening of charades and façade at the Spring Ball, he little expects to be outplayed by his wily Aunt, who resolves his games with unexpectedly happy results.

Jean Anouilh wrote L'Invitation Au Château in 1947 and it was first produced at the Theatre de l'Atelier in Paris, France. The play was later translated into English by playwright Christopher Fry who was commissioned by Peter Brook for his famous production at the Globe Theatre, which starred Paul Schofield, Claire Bloom and Margaret Rutherford. Fry's adaptation, Ring Round The Moon, premiered in London in 1962. The last West End production played from 1967-68 at the Theatre Royal Haymarket starring John Standing as the twins and Angela Thorne as 'Diana'. Other notable productions of the play include on Broadway with Denholm Elliot and Stella Andrew in 1950 and a later one with Toby Stephens in 1999.