See How They Run

Acknowledged by many as one the funniest plays in the English language, See How They Run was a major national tour, opening at Theatre Royal Plymouth.

One of the original and best of the twentieth century English comedies See How They Run was written in the early 40's during the beginning of the war.  First staged in London at the Comedy  Theatre in 1945 it sits   between  Ben Travers'  much loved farces of the 20's and the  dazzling wit of Michael Frayn today. Philip King was the forerunner of the Whitehall farces and ultimately paved the way for such well loved British comedy as Dad’s Army.  During Britain’s darkest hours it was unashamedly escapist and there is a joy in the extraordinary situations in which normally respectable people find themselves.

It’s wartime in the idyllic village of Merton-cum-Middlewick, the residents are still bracing themselves for imminent invasion. This doesn¹t stop parish spinster Miss Skillon making a call at the vicarage with what is, in her mind, a far more pressing matter. She is outraged by the dalliances of the Vicar¹s wife, a former actress, but before she can air her grievance a plot develops that has all the chaos and complications of a classic British comedy - an evening of flying rumours, mistaken identities and door-slamming all played out with perfect timing and lightning speed.