The Price

Warren Mitchell is superlative…

    Shuffling, shrugging and never more manipulative than when seeming guileless, he’s like an ancient Jewish vaudeville act. He often gives the impression that he’s in a world of his own – as when, hilariously, he takes his own sweet time to unshell and consume the boiled egg lunch he’s brought. But his eye never leaves the ball. He’s shambolic and he’s shrewd; he’s part charlatan and part sage.

    Peter Hall once wrote that Mitchell’s performance as Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman was amongst the greatest pieces of character acting he had ever seen. This Solomon is a comparably magnificent achievement

    Paul Taylor, The Independent

    Larry Lamb as Victor, Des McAleer as Walter and Sian Thomas as Victor’s wife all give sterling performances. Warren Mitchell is outstanding.

    John Gross, Sunday Telegraph

    Sian Thomas shimmering with melancholic exasperation.

    Dominic Cavendish, Daily Telegraph