Shakespeare: The Man from Stratford

Shakespeare: The Man from Stratford

Shakespeare: The Man from Stratford UK Tour 2010

Jonathan Bate is an outstanding scholar (and author of the best existing biography of Shakespeare) who writes with as much elegance as insight about the making of theatre and the creation of the plays
Richard Eyre, The Sunday Telegraph

Callow is by turns, informative, funny, dramatic, charismatic and, above all, convincing. Whether you’re familiar with Shakespeare or not, the effect of examining his plays and his life in this way, being performed by a truly great actor, brings to the fore the beauty and breadth of the writing, and more than anything else, the truth of it.
The Cambridgeshire Agenda

A fascinating journey… The greatest treat is seeing such a fine actor as Callow in a vast range of roles within a single performance… Simply breathtaking.
The Liverpool Echo

Simon Callow bring Shakespeare to life… We come away feeling we know the writer better than we ever have before… I suspect this is a production that will be talked about for years to come and that anyone reviewing the great theatrical experiences of the 21st century will place it high upon their list of personal favourites.
The Bath Chronicle