Whipping it Up

Whipping it Up

Whipping it Up

**** CRITIC'S CHOICE - Smart, slickly plotted

    Time Out

    **** A pungent satire on the parliamentary whips. A fascinating insight into Westminster power games

    The Guardian

    Steve Thompson has written a vitriolic political comedy that makes the average alligator pond look like a health spa. Terry Johnston's production is crowned by Richard Wilson's chief whip: an ageing walrus with the political loyalty of a guard dog and the ethics of a jackal

    The Sunday Times

    Whipping It Up is the sharpest new comedy of the year. Terry Johnson directs a masterful production, achieving a hurtling comic pace while also allowing for considerable depth and subtlety in the performances

    Daily Telegraph

    Whipping It Up looks like the next Yes, Minister

    Kate Bassett, Independent on Sunday

    Thompson's new play hits you with smart satire and good jokes and the audience responds with waves of laughter

    Financial Times